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Acting normal

Acting normal


Back in March reports of customers panic buying supplies filled reports but Hamilton's Ritchies IGA says customers are now behaving well.

Store Manager, Dalye Pye says, he has noticed 25 per cent of customers are wearing masks and are being mindful of social distancing protocols.

"The customers here at Richy's have been absolutely terrific because they social distance, they still chat at a distance away, they are still supporting us. We've got as full of a range as we can get in store, in here at the moment, we're well up and people are not panic buying. They are buying what they need and maybe one or two little extras here or there but that's about it. And generally just been terrific."

"They are doing their normal shopping, so people who we have in weekly are in weekly, people that come in every couple of days, are in every couple of days. It's pretty well standard."

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"We have an optional code for our staff at the moment... and I would guess and say probably 25 per cent of customers that come in are wearing masks."

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