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Accommodation businesses

Accommodation businesses


Hoteliers in regional Victoria are pleased to take the first positive steps towards normality.

Lyn Lewis owner of Hamilton's Lakeside Motel says the announcement was great news for accommodation sites like hers in regional Victoria.

"Oh it's fantastic, we're so excited and because it's regional travel, it's from areas where they haven't had cases exactly like we are here... we've been open all the way through but no one's be allowed to travel so it's been a bit gloomy."

"We're hoping that lots of people are going to want to catch up with those friends and families that they've been missing so badly, over all these months. So school holidays, hopefully will be a busy time for us."

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"Hamilton is the perfect place to base yourself. Everything is so close by here. So whether you want to do the Grampians or the waterfalls, which by the way are just amazing at the moment, with that rain last week... the beach, getting down to Port Fairy, to Warrnambool, Portland, do some whale spotting, there's so many things to do with the volcanoes everywhere around here.. it's a perfect base here.

Ms Lewis says the Southern Grampians Region should have had restrictions eased earlier.

"I think in the regions absolutely they should have been eased earlier, particularly out in these outer regions, so up along the border- the border of South Australia, right along the Murry, they've had very few cases, exactly like we've been here. But we've been sort of penalised by those closer into Melbourne."

"We haven't had cases here. We've been in the clear for such a long time so coming for a visit to this region is particularly safe. So if you're coming from another region where you haven't had cases and you've felt very secure in you're own little bubble, this region here, the Southern Grampians is a perfect place for your first venture out because we're in the same boat- we've been safe, we've been free of covid so you can relax and enjoy some time away from home."

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