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$465 recovery package

$465 recovery package

$465 million Victorian Tourism Recovery Package

Rural Councils Victoria, which represents rural communities across the state, has welcomed the state government’s 465 million dollar Victorian Tourism Recovery Package to help the sector bounce back in rural and regional Victoria.

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The Councils Chair Mary-Ann Brown said, The package has several components, ranging from investment in infrastructure, events and a voucher scheme for visitors.

“So there’s going to be vouchers available, up to $200.00, there’s $28million for that. There’s also $149million for infrastructure…. In our area there’s going to be $13million dollars for trail heads on the Grampians peaks trail and also upgrades at Makenzie Falls… There’s also $150million in regional tourism investment fund. As well as about $106 million dollars for tourism support… plus, there’s $20million for a regional investment fund.”

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