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21-year old pleads guilty

21-year old pleads guilty

Multiple charges relating to aggravated burglary

A Heywood resident, aged 21 has pleaded guilty in Warrnambool County Court on Friday [19.10] to attempted aggravated burglary, making a threat to kill, intentionally damaging property and possessing a controlled weapon.

The offender attended a Portland property on Trangmar Street on April 9 and entered through a rear gate about 8am.

The victims were inside asleep.

He attempted to break and enter and made a threat of grievous bodily harm with a weapon.

He was later intercepted by police walking on a nearby street.

Officers seized a 32-centimetre kitchen knife from his bag.

The victims and offender were known to each other.

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The 21-year-old's is said to have long-term mental health issues.

He has spent about six months in custody on remand and was transferred to a prison acute psychiatric unit.

He's set to be sentenced on November 30.

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