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Farm to Pub

  • Farm to Pub

2017 Willaura Farm to Pub is making a return





Event Time

3pm onwards


Willaura Hotel, 44 Main Street, Willaura, VIC 3379


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The 2017 Willaura Farm to Pub is making a return to it’s legendary roots with the 16.4 km course setting off from Tait’s Shed and sending runners down the fabled Sandy Lane. In addition to the 16.4km run, there are events for all ages and abilities – 16.4km ride, 8.2km run, 8.2km ride and 5km walk.

Date & Venue:

Saturday, 25th February 2017

Willaura Hotel, 44 Main Street, Willaura, VIC 3379


Registration fee – $15 (15 years and under – $5) with proceeds supporting beyondblue.

Click to Register >>

Online registration closes 9pm, Thursday 23 February.

Late Entries:

Late entries for all categories will be accepted on race day at the Willaura Hotel until 1 hour before each event. Late entrants may only participate as fun runners – times will not be captured & results not official.


  • 16.4km run – 4.30 pm (Taits Rd)
  • 8.2km run – 5.00 pm (Sandhills Rd)
  • 16.4km ride – 4.45 pm (Taits Rd)
  • 8.2km ride – 5.15 pm (Sandhills Rd)
  • 5km walk – 5.15 pm (Cnr Sandhills Rd & Yarram Gap Rd)

Each of the 2017 Willaura Farm to Pub events are point to point events, finishing at the Willaura Hotel.

Participants must first arrive at the Willaura Pub (Main Street, Willaura) to collect their bib before making their way to the start line for their chosen event.


The Willaura Farm to Pub 16.4km run, 16.4km ride and 8.2km run are handicap events. During registration, you will be asked to submit your estimated finishing time, in minutes, to allow the calculation of your handicap.

In a handicap event, the participants’ starts are staggered, with the slowest expected finisher receiving a head start and setting off first (known as the ‘limit’ runner or rider), followed in waves of increasingly faster participants until finally the quickest expected finisher departs in pursuit of the field (known as the ‘scratch’ runner or rider). Ideally all participants should finish about the same time – but the handicapper’s job is a challenging one. So you don’t need to be the fastest, and definitely not the best dressed, to be first to the Pub.


A bus is available to transport participants to each start line from the Willaura Hotel. If required, simply choose this option when registering.

Note that the bus cannot carry bikes. Riders will need to make own arrangements to deliver bikes to start line!

  • 16.4km RUN/RIDE
    Bib collection closes: 3.45pm
    Bus departs Willaura Pub for start line: 4.00pm SHARP (no bikes)
    Start time: 4.30pm (run), 4.45pm (ride)
  • 8.2km RUN/RIDE
    Bib collection closes: 4.15pm
    Bus departs Willaura Pub for start line: 4.30pm SHARP (no bikes)
    Start time: 5.00pm (run), 5.15pm (ride)
  • 5km WALK
    Bib collection closes: 4.45pm
    Bus departs Willaura Pub for start line5.00pm SHARP
    Start time: 5.15pm

The Courses: